miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2008


El country-rap es una fusion de la musica country y el rap. Quizas para evitar la desafortunada abreviatura de c-rap, se le conoce por varios nombres, como "hick hop," "hill hop," "hip hopry," and "country hip hop". Cowboy Troy es el artista de country-rap mas popular.
Bubba Sparxxx es uno de los raperos mas conocidos con influencias del country (especialmente desde su segundo album, Deliverance), ademas de Buck 65, Kid Rock o Everlast, aunque estos dos ultimos se les podria catalogar mas de artistas de country influenciados del rap-rock.

They call meWhite devil, black JesusHeaven closes, hell freezesEgo's trippin'Scripts keep flippin'Bloods keep bloodin'Crips keep crippin'Time keeps slippin'And I keep fallin'And I can't see but I hear them callin'Ballers ballin'Players playin'Haters fightin'Righteous prayingDawn breakingManhattan keeps makingBrooklyn keeps takin'Shook ones keeps shakin'No time for fakin'Y' know w' I meanI ain't choppin' no piesJust risin' like creamIf you're digging the sceneIf you feelin' the vibesThrow your hands in the airScream out you're aliveSingin' na na nana na naSingin' na na nana na na(Repeat)
They call meBlack Jesus, white MosesHeaven freezes, hell closesB-Boy poses, punk rock chicksThe kids are all right but I need my fixIf you're diggin' the mixIf you're feelin' the drugsIf you're keepin' it realIf you're livin' like thugsI spit kisses and hugs like .45 slugsCome back on the one and kiss my love gunGot a look that will killA voice that will carryHalf a dozen women that I think I wanna marryTrouble on my mind, I'm refusin' to loseStill I've gotta find me someone to abuseSo won't you run spread the newsHelp say the wordAnd jump the fuck back and jus' act like you heard
They call meWhite devil, black JesusHeaven closes, hell freezesBlack Jesus, white MosesHeaven freezes, hell closesSing na na nana na naSingin' na na nana na na(Repeat)
Singin' (Wah, wah wah wah wah,Shoo be doo wah, wah wah wah wah)
They call meWhite sinnerBlack martyrLive wireFire starterJungle brotherRedneck cracker

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